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TuneIn Auto Post


TuneIn is HUGE! There are hundreds of thousands of radio stations broadcasting on TuneIn and you are probably one of them. Everyone competing for listeners.

Do you want to get ahead of the rest? Of course you do! We can help!

We can automatically post your Radio Stations ‘Now Playing’ song directly to TuneIn! Let your potential listeners search for their favourite song and it could be playing on YOUR radio station!

Our TuneIn Auto Post service can automatically grab the song that is currently playing on your radio station and send it to TuneIn so that it appears on the TuneIn Radio Directory!

This is a MUST for every radio station.

Interested? Sign Up below!

Our system is compatible with Shoutcast (v1 or v2), Icecast or Radionomy. If you are already on TuneIn then we can get your current ‘Now Playing song sent to TuneIn to be displayed. This is a great marketing tool and will help you grow your station quickly.

All we need is your Shoutcast (v1 or v2), Icecast or Radionomy stream details and your TuneIn API details (see this page) and then just sign up and we’ll have your songs automatically posted to TuneIn!